Meet PANAsac's Executive Council: 

 PRESIDENT:  Dory Glaser

 I graduated from the Foothills Hospital School of Nursing in 1979. I completed a BScN at U of Alberta. My nursing career has lead me to gain a wealth of knowledge & experience in ICU, CCU, Open Heart, DI Angiography - body and  neuro intervention, Endoscopy, Recovery Room and High Risk Labour & Delivery in tertiary centres in Alberta and British Columbia. I have taught as a sessional instructor to nursing  students through U of Calgary, developed curriculum for the LPN program and taught classes at Columbia College, and also have taught Perinatal Education for 12 years through Camosun College / Greater Victoria Hospital Society.

I enjoyed teaching patients about their upcoming TURP or Radical Prostatectomy procedure at the Rockyview Hospital when I was the Clinical Nurse Educator for Surgical Services (Colo-rectal & Urology Surgery).  I am a certified Neonatal Resuscitation Instructor for the last 10 years and continue to facilitate these classes. The CNA has recently renewed my Perinatal Certification and I am a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Recently, I have been asked to join CARNA to Represent Calgary West on Provincial Council. Previously, I have held other committee positions within CARNA and enjoyed being a part of my professional organization to see firsthand the processes that take place on our behalf as Registered Nurses.  

My 3 children are grown. I was a hockey mom for many years (all 3 played). I enjoy sewing, X-Stitch, gardening, reading a historical novel, playing the piano and doing crossword puzzles. My partner and I frequently go sailing on our 45 foot sloop along the Pacific Coast Islands. We look forward to being able to take a long cruise on the deep blue when we retire.  

 My interest in being on the PANAsac Executive arose when it was evident that the group could fold.  I feel strongly that the vision of this group should be maintained to engage Peri-Anesthesia Nurses from southern Alberta in sharing and broadening their knowledge, skill, and ability to network with their colleagues in PACUs across Canada.  I am honored to be a part of this Executive.  


Vice President: Vacant

SECRETARY:  Yoo-Ree Keller

I began working on a Surgical Colo-rectal unit as an undergraduate nurse and stayed on upon graduation from the Athabasca University at Mount Royal College conjoint bachelor of nursing program. The unit was a great place to learn how to prioritize patient care, and develop a firm understanding of epidurals, pain, pain management, care of CVCs/PICCs including taking bloodwork, complex drain & woundcare from irrigated pack dressings, VAC dressings to ostomy care. This experience was invaluable as I pursued a career in the post anesthetic care unit. Since then I have worked at the FMC PACU, SHC PACU and now call the RGH PACU home. I have also been a clinical instructor for Mount Royal University for 2nd and 3rd year students. I have taken a break from teaching to focus on family. I hope to begin a masters of nursing but in the mean time I enjoy my involvement with PANAsac and UNA.

TREASURER:  Faisal Kassam

Having graduated from the Calgary Conjoint Nursing Program in 1997, I went to work in the US and have been back and forth to several states over the intervening years.  In 1998, I started my MN and finished it in 2001.  I continued to travel and work between Calgary and US, Australia and UK and decided to settle back in Calgary in 2004 to the Foothills ICU.  I started working on my CGA designation in 2005 and continue to work on it at a snails pace and have almost completed the designation.  After working in almost every area in nursing over the years, I presently I work casually at the Foothills ICU, PACU, ER, RGH PACU and northern nursing with Health Canada in addition to having my own tax accounting company.  Surprisingly, I still have time to go hiking, play hockey and relax with friends. 


I appreciate the information exchange that takes place within an organization such as PANAsac, as well as networking between different regions.  I have always felt privileged to be a part of decision-making processes… especially when it came to representing PANAsac at the National level. I am strong advocate for the National Certification Exam, have served on the National Certification Committee, and have always envisioned the PeriAnesthesia nursing profession moving forward.  I feel proud to have represented PANAsac for the length of time that I have, and hope that my contributions over the years have helped to create positive change. 

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