PANAsac's Commitment to "Greening" the Environment

Running an organization and hosting events generates a considerable amount of waste which negatively impacts the environment.  PANAsac is committed to reducing it's environmental footprint by limiting waste and improving efficiencies within the organization. 

The Canadian Nurses Association addresses the nurse's role in greening the health care system through workplace initiatives.  We feel a responsibility to align ourselves with this philosophy by making simple changes to the operation of our organization. 

Here are some examples of initiatives that PANAsac has adopted:

PANAsac limits it's use of paper by generating all correspondence electronically.  Important documents are easily viewed on our website, and agendas/minutes are distributed via email. We encourage members to view the necessary documents prior to meetings.  Although hard copies are sometimes necessary, they are kept to a minimum and shared among members. Also, PANAsac is committed to providing meetings in WebEx format in order to reduce travel time and increase efficiency.



PANAsac encourages members to bring their own water bottles.  Although plastic water bottles are recyclable, the bottling, packaging and shipping of billions of litres of bottled water leaves a large environmental burden world-wide.  Bottled water costs 240 to 10,000 times more than tap water.  In Calgary 1000 litres of tap water costs less than $1, whereas a litre of Evian will cost nearly $2*.


PANAsac encourages members to bring their own coffee/tea mugs to reduce the need for disposable cups.  Individually, one cup of coffee purchased every day in a disposable container contrubutes aobut 201.5 kilograms of waste per year*.

The executive will bring bags to workshops to collect recyclable items and drop it off at city allocated recycling sites in the city. 

To learn more about various recycling initiatives and other useful information, visit:

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